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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ theme ♪ cenk: welcome to "the young turks." great show four as always, colonel wilkerson former chief of staff to colin powell will be on the show. we'll try to talk gitmo and bush legacy. that ought to be a fascinating conversation. later in the program i've got climate change for you, i've got possibly the most racist ad ever. interesting. let's get started with guns. this weekend in houston the n.r.a. gathers for its annual
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convention. this collection ought to be a doozy. here's a promo for it. >> join us for a patriotic saturday to celebrate our cherished freedom filled with emotion, spirit and pride. key note speaker is always engaging radio host glenn beck. cenk: if you're lucky you might just get shot. who else is on the ticket? sean hannity, governor rick perry, who once bragged about shooting a coyote. he's such a loser. he told his security detail not to join him on that one jog where he came out and said i shot him. where's the coyote? i don't know. what an unbelievable. watch. >> it is a frightening looking picture. the reason why i think this is
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so frightening is because when i was over in a of the scwitz trying to figure on you how did people allow this to happen, your neighbors are dragged out of the streets maybe you came to the window, they killed you and your momentum family. everybody says oh, there's no way that any of this is going to happen in america. whatever, you can live in your little dream world everything that has happened so far we have told you would happen and everybody said it wouldn't happen. cenk: they were trying to catch a couple of terrorists. they had planted bombs that killed three people and they shot another guy afterwards, 160 injured initially, and then the count got above 250 and somehow the boston police are like the nazis? the usual crazy talk from glenn
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beck. that's why he's headlining the n.r.a. gathering. fantastic. it's not justify glenn beck who's a lunatic on this. ron paul and bill maher have made similar comments. look at the poll, 44% of republicans support an armed revolution within a couple of years, and nationwide, it's 20 the 9%, they think an armed revolution might be necessary within a couple of years. 29% of the country nearly half of the republicans. about a third of the country is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. let's bring in the panel. andrew carell is in new york city and she's their senior politics and national coverage
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editor. great to have both of you here. andrew, first of all you're a libertarian, ron paul's a libertarian, glenn beck, i don't know what he is. tell me about ron paul and bill maher pushing that the police overreacted, that it was like a police state. >> there are legitimate concerns in these situations. i think bill maher and ron paul% have a sort of counter balance the rahrahrah. you get the sense if it was a republican administration, he would not have made similar remarks. there is a demonized
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administration, for whatever reason i'm not a fan of the administration but for whatever reason, they demonize the president constantly. he could burp in the air and it would be a disgrace to humidity. i get this feeling that he's only giving this hyped up rhetoric about civil liberties and the cops were coming in, we told you it was going to happen, just because obama is tenuously connected to the boston police. i don't think he would have been saying the same thing if there was a republican president. romney would have been supportive of the same thing. cenk: i wonder if it was in alabama if he would say the same thing. i don't know. i look out for the police state i think as much as anyone on television and i think they've abused our civil liberties in 100 different ways. i think they're barking up a massively wrong tree on this
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one. beth, when you go to the gun issue, though, i'm stunned by it 29% of the country thinks that we might need an armed revolution against the government within a couple of years? what do you make of that and how do we deal with a population where about apparently a third of us are mental? >> well, for one thing, i'm skeptical of most polls not to put down the fine folks at dickerson university. i'd like to see more evidence from other outlets that would support that rather shocking number. look i mean let's face it, there's a lot of people in this country who don't like the president, and feel like government is encroaching on their lives and into their personal business, and there are a lot of people who own guns. we know that about this country. i think you're seeing those two things converge in that polling number from dickinson. do i think it's quite that large of a percentage of the country
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that wants to overthrow the government by armed means? i don't but i think there probably are a significant number of people who do share those two passions, not liking the president and believing that, you know, it's time to rise up and curtail government control with arms if necessary. cenk: and to be fair to the, you know, the people of this country, i guess the poll was framed as not do you want an armed revolution, but do you think it might be necessary which i still think is absolutely nuts. all right now. >> here's another thing another way to look at it. you can look at the flip way and think of it is how the occupy wall street folks weren't advocating anything armed. it could be people not just angry with the government, but with the income disparity in the country, with the sense that big business and big banks control the economy too much. there's a lot of things to make people mad out there let's face it. cenk: beth, that's a really,
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really important distinction. i can't stand our current government. i think it's completely corrupt. i think they do it for the lobbyist and don nor money. they don't give a damn about us, they don't represent us. that's right different than lets pick up guns and go against the government. you should as an american, i think you have a duty to try to make it a more perfect union but this, you know, going into the woods and, you know, going -- what's that crazy movie they just redid going into the movie and fighting the takeover, wolverine. doing that is nuts. those are two different things. getting back to the politics of this it goes to what andrew was saying earlier the republican senator from pennsylvania, one of the co sponsors of the background bill. let's take a look at what he said. >> our politics have become so
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polarized and there are people on my side who didn't want to be perceived to be helping something that the president wants to accomplish, simply because it's the president who wants to accomplish it. cenk: andrew, that's almost your point exactly. how much of an effect does that have object the republican party and does that mean we can't get anything done because president obama is in favor of something. if he came out in favor of oxygen, would the republicans vote no? >> well, no, i don't think they're that ridiculous, but yeah that definitely does play some role. i think a lot of senators and a lot of representatives have sort of i guess their constituents have this belief if you cave into obama you're a rhino. i think this is an issue that is important to a lot of people and i think lee cruz and rand paul lined up and said we are going to hold the line on this.
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i think there's legitimately a large group of people who oppose the background checks. cenk: oxygen thing of course is a joke, but reality i guess 100% of us would be in fave of oxygen maybe 99%, but universal background checks, 99% were in favor and we still didn't get it. there's something fundamentally wrong with our government here, i think. back on the gun issue beth, you know we've got crazy things going on in this country. unfortunately, just yesterday a 5-year-old shot his 2-year-old sister in the head, and the thing that, you know, accidents happen. that's why i say that you shouldn't have that many guns in the house. this was a company that was marketing rifles for kids, for toddlers. i mean are there no bounds of reason here? >> in that case, you have to
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hold those parents incredibly liable, and take legal action against them. i mean, that was just incredibly irresponsible. this is a country that loves its guns. let's face it. it's no big surprise. had background check legislation passed, i would have been surprised, and not just because republicans hate obama. several republicans voted against it, as well, from really red states like arkansas and north dakota. many parts of the country consider having the freedom to use a firearm fundamental to them as important as oxygen. any encroachment on that, it's incredibly powerful interest group, holding these guy's next in a vice. it would have surprised me more if i passed than the fact that it didn't. cenk: i love our democracy that it would be surprising if something that 91% of americans are in favor of would pass the
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senate. we -- i honestly think we've lost our democracy entirely. by the way the n.r.a., new president, said the civil war was a war of northern aggression. n.r.a. way to get more moderate. i want to come back and talk in a little bit. >> colonel wilkerson is up next, chief of staff for colin powell. i have a million questions for him. can't wait to talk to him. later in the program wildfires out of control here in the west. does it have to do with climate change? we'll discuss. commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely.
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>> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> sadaam whose sane and his reggie have made no effort to disarm as required by the international community. indeed be the facts and behavior show that he and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. >> that of course was the embarrassing presentation of colin powell of the united nations before the iraq war. later he would have regrets about that war, of course, and now we're faced with another situation where we might go to war in the middle east again. that's probably because president obama had drawn a red line on syria using chemical weapons and it appears they used chemical weapons. when asked about that rid line, president obama said this. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. we don't have a chain of custody that establishes what exactly
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happened, and when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional actions in response to chemical weaponries, i've got to make sure i've got the facts. >> so should we go to war in syria or should we not? let me bring in an incredible expert, colonel wilkerson. he served 31 years in the u.s. army and now is a professional lecturer in the honors program at george washington university. great to have you with us, colonel wilkerson. >> great to be here. cenk: we did draw a red line in syria, it seems they've crossed it. doesn't seem like the country has got an appetite for another war in the middle east. what would you make of it and how would you advice if you were still part of the administration?
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>> i think the president's statement, which you just played was very circumspect, very prudent. this could have been an israel false flag operation, an opposition in syria false flag operation or could have been an actual use. we certainly don't know the evidence we've been given. the intelligence is that the evidence is really flakey. there is no way i would say my red line had been crossed and start something based on this very flimsy evidence. cenk: that's really interesting. you think there's at least some chance that it might have been an israeli false flag operation? what would be the motivation there? >> i think we've got a
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geostrategyically inept intelligence operation right now. do a reconciliation with turkey, the most powerful country in the region. otherwise, b.b. probably never would have done it. look at israel's situation. it's as dangerous as since 1948. you've got lebanon growing increasingly unstable. you've got syria involved in a brutal civil war the sunni's restarting the civil war in iraq. you've got jordan, whose king has publicly said he wished he weren't the king. you've got egypt no longer the security that israel needed on that frank. so israel's in very, very dangerous situation right now. the president's got to be very
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circumspect about saber baiting that situation. netanyahu i hope president obama gave a lesson in realities. cenk: so you think israel's situation in precarious, what would you do in regards to syria and iran, which appear to be significant issues in that region. >> the first thing is i'd stop things that are actions policies that are creating this pariah status for israel, first step he took was a good one to reaffirm the relationship between turkey and israel. the second thing i would do is i don't care if you're serious about it or not you've got to put some prima facie evidence out there that you are. i'd resume serious efforts to get going with the israeli
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palestinian dialogue, over jerusalem, over borders over return the refugees, all the things we talked about for the last 30 years in the middle east peace process. i would let somebody know there is something about israel other than expannion settlement activity. one of out of every five israelis is now a settler. netanyahu needs to exercise leadership. cenk: if you're in president obama's shoes would you use the air force in syria? i assume you wouldn't commit ground troops, but using the air force and under what circumstance for you? >> i understand you're probably referring to a no-fly zone. i don't see that as being 10able. you look at the geography and the way you would have to establish it from sea and air.
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you look at what you'd have to fly against potentially particularly with the russians having the potential to sell the latest weapons. you look at the possibility of other parties becoming involved in this conflict. i think that's a step i wouldn't take right now. the war's brutal and there have been many deaths. i think the best we can do is continue to back efforts to bring about a ceasefire, to bring about a settlement, and i think assad's sticking around a lot longer than anyone predict the. i think it's more difficult than many people on both sites give it credit for being. syria and iran are one right now partly because of our policies in the past. if you want to back door into war in iran, you go through syria, and that's what people like limiteds as i gram and john mccain are trying to affect is
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war in iran. they don't care about syria what they want is iran. cenk: i want to move on to one other topic guantanamo. i want to give you some numbers about that. we've got about 100 people doing a hunger strike there about 86 people slated for release but are not being released. they should be free to go, but we won't let them go. we've got 46 people in a category where we say we are never going to try them and we are neve going to release them. we will indefinitely retain them without ever giving them a trial. i'm going to use harsh language here, but that sounds like guantanamo gulag. what should president obama do? >> do a lot more than just throw his rhetoric out like he did the other day. i was stunned at the statements he made, because most of the statements he made are things that he has indeed created himself. the first thing i would do is let those people go who have been judged by everyone, the
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military included, as not being guilty of anything, let them go. with the 50 or so people who are probably hard core terrorists, i'd move them into u.s. prisons. they'll be safe as a dollar there. i'd put onus on the congress, say if you don't like the fact we haven't given them due process, if you don't like the fact this is indefinite detention, do something about it congress. i've moved them into federal prisons. that would give us out of the stigma of being on some other country's soil, eliminate gitmo altogether, and eliminate april problem in our foreign policy with other countries around the world right now. this is not a difficult problem. this is a problem that could be solved by the president. i don't get the fact that he's out decrying the congress and other issues when in fact, he can settle this issue himself. cenk: colonel, president obama would say you don't understand, i would love to close it, that's why i gave the speech i did the
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other day and put it as one of my campaign promises in 2008, but the republicans are not willing, the politics are too hard. >> over 300 terrorists, some really bad guys in federal prison right now. none have escaped or caused the system any problem. a few more is not going to hurt. the big problem is going to be what to do with them in the long run, and as i said, this may sound mack very wellien but i'd put that on the congress's back. i'd say these people are in our prisons, if you don't like it, do something about it. cenk: finally, president bush unveiled his library, you were of course a member of the bush administration as colin powell's chief of staff were up invited and would you have liked to have gone. >> i wasn't invited but i went, so to speak. i was in dallas. i was giving a speech at the university of dallas, and one of
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the things i was saying was that i was stunned when i heard bush outside the library say and this is almost a direct quoted oh. >> want people to be a i believe to go to this library and see that we lived up to our convictions. i was taken aback. our convictions were we torture people that we abandon geneva, an instrument largely of our own making, that we waged a war of choice perhaps even an illegal war in iraq. our convictions were guantanamo. what are these convictions you want people to see, president bush? i think probably the library that made people who go in there think that the bush administration was normal, and not a bizarre one. well, i can tell you, it was a bizarre one. cenk: colonel, he was there, so he would know. thank you for joining us on "the young turks." really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it.
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cenk: when we come back, we're going to switch topics entirely. jodi arias i'm new to this thing. it seems like she's the guiltiest person on the planet. >> only on current tv. break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." now we go to the jodi arias trial where the prosecution has just wrapped up. we bring in our panel. i don't know if you're a fan of the trial or jodi arias. we have maureen estafa who's been following the trial non-stop, hasn't slept in days, and robin.
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robin, tell us what happened today. >> the best way to know what happened is take a look at the closing argument. >> even after slashing his throat from ear to ear a understand then even after taking his gun and shooting him in the face, she will not let him rest in peace. but now, instead of a gun instead of a knife, she uses lies. she has also attempted or gone out in search of the lime light. she has signed a manifesto just in case she becomes famous. and to top it all off she has indicated that she is innocent, that no jury will convict her that none of you will convict her after she has staged a scene for you. cenk: all right, what else happened today? >> well, a lot of people thought she deserved an academy award
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for her testimony. the real drama came here. >> she begins a talk about the future with mr. alexander in it, how this mr. alexander that is going to be with her in the future after he's married and he has kids, she's married she has kids, the children are going to plating. absolutely staging the scene again, continually staging the scene so that if the police start making inquiries guess what she didn't know he was dead or she was just normal with me, mr. burns would say she was talking about the future. again, she's just staging the scene after what she has done. cenk: well, here's how my history with jodi arias goes. i ignored the story for the first 900 times that i saw it on line and then finally, it was like let's figure out what that
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is. she stabs thify 27 times shoots him in the face, slits his throat changes her story three times. why is this trial even interesting when she seems like she's the most guilty person in the history of america? >> i think that's precisely what makes it so interesting. there's so much evidence that shows not only premeditation but really just the gruesomeness of the crime. she had three gas cans traveling to his house. there's just so much to indicate that she did it and she's guilty. somehow, we're supposed to accept the self defense argument which is so absurd in this case, because she left unscathed, not a mark on her body, but travis is the one stabbed 27 times. cenk: andrew, what's so compelling about it, then. it's an open and shut case. why are we so drawn to it. >> two things may be going on. it's sort of like the reverse of
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the syndrome, it's some attractive young beautiful girl who killed an attractive young guy and it's sort of a crime of passion is what we assume happened. i think that is sort of why it gets all the media attention when there are far worse murders. the other thing is there are bizarre things happening her claiming that it's something like he used to wear spiderman underwear and she was uncomfortable with that and he's been hit onioning boys. there's all these compelling, strange twists. it almost reads like the glenn close movie "fatal attraction" where it's almost like the horror movie. >> it's sex lies, audio tape. you've got salacious details of every kind of sexual act you can imagine. it's a case where you can have a camera in the courtroom. you get blow-by-blow by blow descriptions. this is like making h.l.n. right
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now. cenk: there's two trippy parts to this. one is the sex. i don't understand what the sex thing is. >> it's mormon sex. cenk: yeah. >> and -- cenk: they got past the magic underwear. >> the jurors have their opportunity to put their questions into a nice little basket, and the judge gets to read them and they are sarcastic questions. you can get a sense of the jury. if you're the prosecutor or defense attorney, you can start planning your case around that. cenk: that is interesting and almost makes me want to turn on h.l.n. because the jury asking questions is, i think hey if you trust them to try the case, having them ask questions is
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really interesting. i don't know if it's a political issue, but it's an issue we should decide. she'd be the fourth woman on death row. i got to ask you all here as the trial is now finally wrapping up guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> so guilty. if i could say one thing i'm actually against the death penalty, which has been interesting for me watching this trial, not knowing like what do i really want, why do i want jodie really to get this conviction as opposed to the death penalty. it's that she shows no remorse at this point, even sol story would do her good. >> she won this crazy american idol type of contest while she was in jail. she won in thanksgiving and was able to score herself and the cell mates around her a free turkey. cenk: really? i'm not going to let you off the hook guilty or not guilty? >> oh, me? cenk: yes. >> i'm going to say guilty, but
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guess what, casey anthony everybody thought she was guilty too. she got off. cenk: she might be guilty, but she got off. i don't know, i really don't know. andrew? >> guilty. guilty she's up for the death penalty, i'm opposed to that, too, it's hard to reconcile. >> they're trying this case, the reason she testified, you can find her guilty and still not have the death penalty imposed you can get the decision. cenk: who makes the decision? >> the jury. cenk: we have something to root for, guilty, but life sentence. we spent $1.4 million for public defense of jodi arias. that kind of burns me up. was there no way around that? why was it so expensive? >> in a death penalty case, she's going to get any sort of
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experts that she wanted. cenk: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we're going to talk about climate change. we've got extreme weather snowing in places, wildfires in the west. what's really interesting about it is that the american people seem to have made up their mind on whether it's global warming or no the. we'll tell you what they think when we return.
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>> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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>> i was going out of town and i come back and there's a tree in my house. cenk: all right. we've got stream weather throughout the country, whether extreme cold or extreme hot. >> second day of may and part of the country is in early summer, the rest in never-ending winter, with record may snowfall from colorado to minnesota. temperatures approaching record lows, as thick blankets of ice coat the highways, resulting in pile ups like this on i-225 near denver. in the southeast a total washout along the gulf coast water up 10 inches in some tampa streets. a mud slide sending three feet of mud crashing through the windows of this home. in key west, one calm went ahead with their wedding. in mississippi flash flooding from a foot of rain.
4:41 pm
in texas violent winds up to 50 miles an hour blowing out car windows and knocking trees into homes in lubbock. cenk: the question's always been are we going to have climate change in the future. the question now might be are we in the middle of climate change as we speak. to that point we've got more for you. we've got the wildfires out in the west and the news package on that, as well. >> one after another wildfires are sparking throughout california, thanks so extreme heat. strong winds and bone dry conditions a recipe or disaster. >> with this wind coming, we've got to keep working on getting that perimeter secure. >> several homes have burned in riverside county, and hundreds more are threatened in camaroe where gusts pushed this wildfire across 2,000 acres in just a couple of hours. families have been ordered to evacuate. it's only may and the map shows
4:42 pm
california with above normal wildfire potential starting firefighting early. >> these are areas that are only getting drier as we move forward. cenk: the question is are the american people convinced are we in the middle of climate change. the project on climate change polled and found out 58% of americans believe it is affecting the weather only 10% saying it isn't happening and 7% saying it is happening but not affecting the weather. 25% said honestly, i don't know. do you think it affected some of the weather events around? they asked that, as well. 50% said that yes, it was part of the reason why we had the warmest season on record last year. 49% said it was affecting the on going midwest drought and 46% said it made super storm sandy
4:43 pm
stronger and more severe. how about extreme events? they say 85% experienced one or more extreme event themselves. 60% experienced extreme high winds, and 51% experienced extreme heatwaves. if you're experiencing it yourself you might be more prone to believe it. they are seeing it with their own eyes, let's bring in andrew and beth. as you look at these numbers beth, you see a bit of a sea change in public opinion on it and do you think it's linked to all this extreme weather we're getting? >> well, what i would have liked to hear is from that polling and maybe it's in there and you didn't read it, but what i want to know is they may believe that global warming is causing the weather to be affected, but do they believe greenhouse gases made by man made activity is causing global warming and would they be willing to change
4:44 pm
their life to keep this from happening, i.e., driving electric car or do a heavy carbon tacker or tacker facile fuels. that's usually where the american people put on the brakes. they might believe that there's a scientific event occurring that is leading to all these weather problems, but if that the means that human beings, american consumers are going to have to change their behavior with energy consumption there's typically a lot of resistance to that. cenk: due to a lot of reasons. we played team ball and if your team says we are against helping the environment, there are amazing new studies done recently on light bulbs. if they showed people energy efficient light bulbs as opposed to the old light bulbs, they would buy either one. if it said protects the
4:45 pm
environment, people bought it less. that's amazing. it's almost like oh, yeah, if the other side is concerned about the environment i'm going to spit on it. >> which is funny because if that light bulb wasn't because of a federal mandate it's the business trying to help the environment rather than government force. to the point you were making before, i think that looking at poll numbers and seeing how much people believe. i don't think the average american citizen completely understands everything that's been said by the field. i'm not talking about just the climate skeptics. even researchers will say not climate deniers people deeply involved in the field will say that it's hard to actually conclude affirmatively that global warming is actually contributing to greater increase
4:46 pm
in tornadoes last summer or something. it's incredibly complex. for me, it's not surprising that people are thinking in overwhelming numbers that yes this horrible flooding has to be global warming because they saw it and it's painful. the science for me is out, i don't believe it's happening but i think for the average citizen to think it's affecting the weather it's shaky. cenk: not buying it. i'm not going to step off that roof even though i don't understand how gravity works. i trust 97% of the world's scientists. i don't think they're in some sort of global conspiracy, as jim inhaf says in the senate. they did a study on this.
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let me read you the results. the fact that such an overwhelming percentage of republican citizens profess a belief in the second coming, which is apparently 76% in 2006, suggest that governmental attempts to curb greenhouse emissions would encounter stiff resistance, even if every democratic in the country wanted to curb them. beth, before i ask you about this this is not just the voters back in 2006. here is republican john schimkus, saying. >> that guy's the chairman of the committee so again, we have an issue of politics here, how do we deal, look, i'm going to frame it my way how do you deal with the other side, when the other side apparently are lunatics? >> well, i guess you do it incrementally. the white house has done quite a
4:48 pm
bit on encouraging green technology. we of course, the whole drama that republicans talked a lot about the presidential campaign is an example of, you know, conservatives say democrats run amok and give all this federal money to green initiatives. the obama administration has done about as much as it can to move some of these issues along against the headwind coming out of capitol hill. have they absolutely grabbed the issue of climate change and pushed it to where they wanted to? no. they tried to do the carbon tax in the early days of the administration, and it passed the house that was then controlled by democrats and ended in the senate.
4:49 pm
i know you get frustrated with the president not pushing hard enough, but there is a certain level of political reality that this white house has to deal with and it can't press something that is not going to go. if republicans are that opposed he has to figure out ways to work around them and he is with other green initiatives that have borne some truth. cenk: i admit it you win. it's a range. on the key stone pile line, he can make a decision that doesn't get through congress at all. cap and trade that was a brick wall and he ran right into it in the beginning. he didn't even have a lot of democrats on his side. there are certain political realities, whether driven by the koch brothers and exxon mobil putting on the pressure saying oh no, global warming doesn't exist, don't regulate it, or people think it doesn't matter,
4:50 pm
because jesus is coming back, they need the votes in congress. we're going to show the good folks what is being dubbed the most racist ad in the country. it's for mountain dew and we will judge whether it is guilty or not guilty.
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cenk: we are back with our power panel here on "the young turks." now we go on to an interesting topic. i was going to say lighter, because it's mountain dew but it involves racism not so light. we'll let you judge for yourself, watch. >> i don't think i can do this. >> just point to him. >> no. >> he's wearing the do rag. come on, the one with the four legs. >> no. >> keep your mouth shut. keep your mouth shut. i'm going to get out of here and build you up.
4:53 pm
keep your mouth shut. >> i can't do this! i can't do this! no! no! no! no! no! >> she's got to do it. cenk: wow that ad is horrible. beth, before i even get to the race issue you have this poor battered woman and the intimidation. how tasteless was that ad? >> well, i don't even know where to start with it. it's pretty bizarre and they pulled it mercifully quickly. the woman looks bad this lineup of, you know, african-american perpetrators, comparing them to a goat, it's really hard to see anything to justify any of that. it's probably just as well that it was pulled mercifully quickly. cenk: you know andrew, you could actually take this as an example of your libertarian
4:54 pm
ideology working. here's the marketplace, they've put out a terribly racist and offensive ad. i'm more freaked out by the woman being battered and intimidated. turns out racism and violence against women is not really hip. >> the interesting thing is the something at play here, you made a good point about the woman. if you know the history of the guy behind it, the creator, the hiphop artist, they've been in a lot of heat because of lyrics about raping, dragging girls bodies to the forest. some of their songs are good, but there's this conversation people have been having about black artists making racist and misogynistic songs. this is the third part of the story. the ad was running on their music label website. i guess they assumed the audience would be familiar with
4:55 pm
his bizarre strange humor, wimp series into this territory. he's willing to have a conversation, as his p.r. guy said this was not meant to offend this was his story of the goat who gets high on mountain dew and decides to beat up a waitress. i feel weird explaining it. cenk: it's an interesting point and one worth discussing, but i still think it can be if the company is saying all the people who are, you know, in the lineup is black you've got the goat talking that way, et cetera. i'm more mothered by the misogyny than anything else. they said: cenk: i just -- look, i give wide berth to humor. this seems for me to push it beyond bounds of reason.
4:56 pm
if you see it, look the other thing, last thing on this is it's one thing to see it within the entire context of his career but we don't see the entire context of his career in that small ad. >> we don't. cenk: we only see that ad and in that context it looks horrible and totally unfunny. you guys have been great as usual. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> thanks. cenk: when we come back, one final point. turns out some of the original settlers here might have been cannibals. i'll tell you about that when we come back.
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4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> cenk: researchers believe some of the original jamestown settlers might have been cannibals in the cruel winter of 1609-1610, they chopped up a 14-year-old girl and possibly ate her. i told you don't let undocumented immigrants into this country. joke. all right. "viewpoint" is next. we'll see you on later tonight. >> john: good evening folks. my, what a day! president obama would like to close guantanamo bay prison, if
5:00 pm
only he knew someone high up in the government who could do something about it. and stop and frisk. it is not a gay bar from the '70s it is the controversial anti-crime policy here in new york city. i hope the nypd realizes when people say they should have outreach stopping and frisking black guys wasn't what we're talking about. ed at the cruz is the find of guy who watches it is a wonderful life and roots for mr. port. everyone thinks ted cruz is a jerk but don't let that fool you.


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